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Avatar Climate Map by beedok Avatar Climate Map :iconbeedok:beedok 31 3 carpal will mess up your hands by nebezial carpal will mess up your hands :iconnebezial:nebezial 1,366 80 HEGEMONEY OF XIBALBA by Abelardo HEGEMONEY OF XIBALBA :iconabelardo:Abelardo 41 3 Eat My... Um... Whatever The Heck This Stuff Is by Pterosaur-Freak Eat My... Um... Whatever The Heck This Stuff Is :iconpterosaur-freak:Pterosaur-Freak 171 79 Tyrannosaurus rex by tuomaskoivurinne Tyrannosaurus rex :icontuomaskoivurinne:tuomaskoivurinne 629 61 Slenderman by JonaGold2000 Slenderman :iconjonagold2000:JonaGold2000 108 56 Coelurosaur Family Tree by WDGHK Coelurosaur Family Tree :iconwdghk:WDGHK 38 19
DOD Bestiary: Cidarag
Common Name: Cidarag
Pronounced: (Sid-uh-rag)
Classification: Medusozoa / various sp.
SGOC Rank: Microfauna / Mesofauna / Fauna / Megafauna / SuperGiant Organism
Length: Various
Height: Various
Wingspan: Various
Weight: Various
Diet: Omnivore
Social Structure: Solitary, Swarm (500+ members)
Home Planet: Earth (?)
Distribution: Airspace worldwide
IUCN Status: Least Concern
More of a complex circumglobal ecosystem than a singular species, cidarags are monstrous airborne invertebrates that most closely resemble jellyfish or siphonophores. Cidarags live within the Earth’s stratosphere and troposphere, the two lowest layers in the planet’s atmosphere; their habitat reaches nearly fifty kilometers into the sky, affording them both incre
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Map of Ea
Wee map of a fantasy world that's been floating around my head for years now.

Kreon is a frozen and barbarous land, similar to Northern Europe. Before the arrival of the first humans it was inhabited mostly by trolls and their kin, and before them a mysterious race of beings known as the Fae. Clans of werewolves stalk the forests and great dragons nest in the mountains. Most people live in scattered villages, at the mercy of local warlords and the beasts of the forests, though a few kingdoms hold limited power in the south. Spirit-based religions are by far the most common, aether-magic being uncommon. The monastic aether-mages, the Council of White Wizards, holds most knowledge and are consulted by leaders looking for guidance on magical matters.

The Wastes are a vast expanse of mountains and deserts that separate Kreon and Qalaima, similar to Central Asia. Nomadic tribes are its main inhabitants; they meet in the trading towns dotted along the few routes that travellers can take to the cities in the East or West.

Qalaima is home to two ancient non-human empires, the Naga (intelligent serpents) in the temperate north and the Garudans (intelligent birds) in the humid south, along with some smaller human-led kingdoms and city-states. Its inhabitants include these species, as well as humans of all kinds, and the near-human Scaled Ones and Wingfolk. The worship of the Naga and Garudan gods are currently the most popular religions in these lands, though spirit-based faiths are also common. Qalaima is a melting pot of many peoples, and its great cities serve as crossroads between cultures. Its north and south are most similar to East Asia and South/Southeast Asia, respectively.

Sheziim is mostly desert and fertile floodplains, like the Middle East, once home to many kingdoms, but currently dominated by the Divine Empire. This oppressive empire is controlled by the god Yaldabaoth, the most powerful being in existence, whose will is enforced by angelic seraphim and human paladins. His power is not absolute however; the cult of the goddess Lilith, mother of demons, fights to destroy the Divine Empire and bring a new age of freedom. The Empire is currently the most advanced culture in Ea, as the experiments of the Empire's thaumaturges have brought unforeseen aether-based technology. The religion of Yaldabaoth is state-enforced, but a great many aetheric and spiritual faiths are practiced. Apart from humans, the semi-demonic vampires inhabit the deserts in clans and the cities in the shadows; they are seen as abominations and are killed on sight by paladins, thus many of their number fight for Lilith.

Lemuria is crossed out as it was the original home of the first humans, before it was utterly destroyed in a great cataclysm. Those humans who escaped went on to populate the rest of Ea.

Hyperboria is the great northern continent, inhabited by many human and subhuman tribes but mostly unexplored by the peoples of the south.


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